Art Work By Eanna Art    Art Work Title  -  WATCHER OF THE DEERS  -  2015
WATCHER OF THE DEERS  -  2015 CONTACT DETAILS: Artist: Eanna Email: DETAILS OF ARTWORK: Media: water colour paints and chalk Dimensions: Width: 340mm/ Height: 535mm ARTISTS STATEMENT: “As the initial feelings of despair cleared up, the children decided to stay and in the woods forever. The girl would take care of her brother who had transformed into a deer” Quote from the “Little Brother Little Sister” first published by the Brothers Grimm in 1812. There are several influences on this painting with the strongest being the story of “Little Brother Little Sister” where the cruel mistreatment by their wicked stepmother makes them run away into the forest. They come across several streams which have been bewitched by their evil stepmother and the sister warns her brother that if he drinks from a stream he will change into an animal. After passing several streams the thirsty brother finally gives into temptation and drinks from a stream which transforms him into a deer. His sister then has the responsibility of protecting her brother from the perilous dangers within the forest.