Art Work By  Eanna Art   Art Work Title   SHADOWS OF THE WORLD     
SHADOWS OF THE WORLD      2016 CONTACT DETAILS: Artist: Eanna Email: DETAILS OF ARTWORK: Media: water colour paints and ink Dimensions: Width: 615mm/ Height: 445mm ARTISTS STATEMENT: The pale yellow woods were waning, The broad stream in his banks complaining, Outside the isle a shallow boat, Beneath a willow lay afloat. A cloudwhite crown of pearl she dight, All raimented in snowy white, “I am half sick of shadows” said The Lady of Shalott. Quote from the “The Lady of Shalott” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson published in 1832. This painting is strongly influenced by Tennyson’s poem where the Lady is a magical being who lives alone in a castle. She is forbidden by magic to look at the world directly and can only look at reflections in a mirror. These shadows are a poor substitute for seeing the world and when she sees Sir Lancelot riding by she looks at him, leaves her castle, finds a boat and sings her death song as she drifts down the river to Camelot.