Art Work By Eanna Art    Art Work Title -GERDA  -  2015
GERDA  -  2015 CONTACT DETAILS: Artist: Eanna Email: DETAILS OF ARTWORK: Media: water colour paints and graphite Dimensions: Width: 350mm/ Height: 475mm ARTISTS STATEMENT: “Don’t you see how strong you are, how men and animals are obliged to serve you?” Quote from “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Anderson first published in 1844. This painting is strongly influenced by Anderson’s “Snow Queen” which involves a magic mirror that only reflects ugly aspects of people’s personalities. The mirror breaks and shatters into pieces where the splinters pierce people’s eyes and freezes their hearts. Gerda is a girl who is devoted to her friend Kai who is a boy. One day a splinter from the mirror puncture’s Kai’s heart and he is trapped into the Snow Queens lair. Gerda somehow finds the strength to go into the lair and kisses Kai. She weeps and her warm tears melt the evil splinter from his heart.